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1. Apply today!

Apply to our Benough Ambassador Program and get free skincare products, including early access to new lines of products.

2. What are the perks?

If you are accepted, you will : 

  • Receive free products from the Benough Beauty Pro Line and early access to new products in the future.
  • Earn commission from every sale using your unique discount code.
  • Create content and get reposted from the Benough Beauty account for increased engagement.

3. You’re a Benough Ambassador! Now what?

We’re excited to offer you access to our premium line of skincare products to share with family and friends, or enjoy for yourself with a luxury spa experience at home. Ambassadors have the opportunity to share your love for our products with your followers and friends. For every sale that includes your unique code, you'll earn commission, allowing you to share in our success. As an ambassador for our brand, you’ll be at the center of a community of skincare enthusiasts who share a passion for high-quality, effective products. Together we can foster this community and reach more skincare lovers through the Benough Beauty products.


What will I receive? +

You will receive 1 Ultimate Kit every month, as long as you’re a Benough Ambassador.


If I want to stop being an ambassador, do I have to return any products? +

Nope! Once you receive any products, it’s yours to keep.


Can I cancel my ambassador status at any time? +

Yes, this ambassador program is no-strings-attached with the ability to cancel any time. You can cancel by emailing us at


How do I validate my ambassador status? +

Once you’re accepted, you will receive a discount code that will allow you to place an order for an Ultimate Kit free of charge on

Become an ambassador & get premium skincare products, for free.